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Share pictures and videos in a social network

Share pictures and videos in a social network

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Instagram is a social media app that lets you share and discover photos and videos, chat with other users, livestream and so much more.

The genius of Instagram is really in how easy it is to use! Want to capture professional-quality pictures and tell beautiful stories that reel people in? You can do that, and you don’t need any technical expertise to do it! Want to share your pictures and interesting stuff you discover on IG to other social media networks? You can do that too!

You can tag friends in your posts just like you already do in Instagram, and if you turn on geotagging support you’ll be able to share your location with your followers so they can see where you got that beautiful shot of the Grand Canyon.

The best thing about Instagram though is its photo editor. You’ll be able to do everything you already do with basic editors like crop, zoom in, adjust contrast and things like that, but you’ll also have access to hundreds of filters, effects and other settings that transform boring selfies into beautiful works of art.

Instagram also sets itself apart with Instagram Live, its unique livestreaming service. Unlike Facebook Live, users will have to use the actual Instagram app (not the website in a browser window!) to watch livestreaming videos. Streamers have more control and can boot people from viewing and/or commenting on their stream, something you can’t do on many of the other livestreaming apps.

The one drawback of IG is the fact that you have to sign-up to use it – though this is pretty common now, even with Facebook. These sites want you to sign up so they can mine you for data, it’s just how it goes.

Other than mandatory sign-up to follow people and post photos, Instagram is a very solid social networking app. You can share and edit both photos and videos, discover and chat with other users that share your interests, livestream to thousands of people and so much more – so check it out and see how you like it.


  • Share and Discover a World of Content Want to just follow accounts of cute animals riding other animals? Want 15 second recipes? Whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it on Instagram – just tap it into the search box and you’re off!
  • Powerful Built-In Editing Tools Once you select your picture, you’ll be able to crop it to the right size and then apply hundreds of filters and effects to make a masterpiece.
  • Comment, Follow and Chat with Other Users You can leave comments, follow accounts you like and even privately chat with other users (DMs) by clicking the little paper airplane icon in your homescreen.
  • Livestream Right From Your Device Livestreaming is easier than ever – click the livestreaming button and you’ll be live to your audience right away!


  • You Have to Sign Up You can’t do much on Instagram without an account.

Instagram is a social network application that allows you to take pictures and videos, apply filters, and share them with your friends and followers. Users have the ability to not only “like” photos, but also comment on them; the images and videos that you upload can be easily shared with other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Instagram is easy to use, and has great photo editing capability. Aside from basic editing techniques, such as cropping and making a picture brighter, there are over 27 filters users can choose from to add even more special effects to their images. The only downside to Instagram is that it requires individuals to sign-up before using the application.